Armi Center, Pekka Harni photo©Jarmo Nauska

ARMI Information centre for architecture, building and design

Architectural competition 2001
Helsinki, Finland

architect SAFA: Pekka Harni
scale model: Timo pitkänen
armi -Arkkitehtuurin, rakentamisen ja muotoilun informaatiokeskuksen yleinen arkkitehtuurikilpailu

The objective of the Armi project was to bring together the national organisations in the field of architecture, building and design. Operating in the same building will create an opportunity for new kind of co-operation, interaction and development of activities. The new information centre will be a prominent flagship of Finnish expertise building. The objective of the competition was to find a solution for the Armi centre that would combine innovativeness, high-quality architecture and technical and financial viability. The site for the project lies in Katajanokka, near the historical centre of Helsinki and Market Square, and the City of Helsinki holds the title to the land.