Arabia Moon by Yuka Takahashi, photo@Yuka Takahashi


Plate, Cup, Saucer & Lid, 2005

ARABIA Finland
5KULMAA collection 2007
design Yuka Takahashi

This project research focused on how people use tableware in two different countries.

In Finland, most families own the dishes in sets of six, eight or more. This leads toward a functional and aesthetic harmony on the table as well as in storage. On the contrary, Japanese harmony tends toward individual dishes of different sizes, shapes, and colours. In the Japanese lunch box, different elements come together harmoniously as a unit.

My design solution emerged from the way of dining in both cultures. Arranging different kinds of food onto one plate was one of the important elements. “Moon” comprises cups and hollow-shaped plates.

The plates have three divisions but are not completely separated. Both separation and combination are mutually achieved.

Moon series was produced as a limited edition included in 5kulmaa collection by ARABIA Finland   in the year 2007-2008