Designers_’11 exhibition, Stockholm ©Yuka Takahashi

Designers ’11

The designers of the year, touring exhibition

14 January– 13 February 2011
Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland

18 August – 18 September 2011
Finnish-Norwegian cultural institute, Oslo, Norway

6 October –3 November 2011
Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden

2 Nov 2011– 14 Dec 2011
Art Library Napa, Rovaniemi, Finland

Exhibition design:
Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi
Assistant designer: Sanalma Hihnala

The touring exhibition of The Designers of The Year 2011 awarded by Ornamo.

The Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo have awarded their commendable members with professional recognition since 1981.

The criteria for the presentation of awards include innovation, artistic quality, topicality, interest value or a long meritorious career. The Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo was established in 1911. It has more than 1,700 members working in the fields of industrial design, interior architecture, fashion, and textile design as well as crafts and applied arts. Finnish Designer Awards ’11 begins the celebration of Ornamo’s 100 years anniversary.

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Ornamo’s award winners 2011:

Industrial Designer of the Year Pekka Harni

“What stands out in Pekka Harni’s work are the continuation of Kaj Franck’s ethical and moral design tradition and a marked support for sustainable development. Harni’s teaching and design work is profound and insightful. Honesty and open disclosure of one’s firm position form the essential part of Harni’s designer identity.” – the Association of Industrial designers Finland TKO

Fashion Designer of the Year Jasmiine Julin-Aro

Interior Architect of the Year Vertti Kivi

Artist of the Year Janna Syvänoja

Textile Artist of the Year Heli Tuori-Luutonen

Grafia’s award winner 2011:

Graphic Designer of the Year Agent Pekka

Muotoilijat ’11 – Finnish Designer Awards ’11 exhibition
14th January– 13th February 2011
Design Forum Finland
Erottajankatu 7 Helsinki Finland

touring exhibition:
Finnish-Norwegian cultural institute, Oslo, Norway 18.8.–18.9.2011
Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden 6.10.–3.11.2011