Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi exhibition at EHJ Edicions H Jenninger in La Pobla de Benifassá and introduction of the portfolio with the artist Josep Vallribera

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi are showcasing their exhibition at ETH Edicions H Jenninger in Pobla de Benifassá in the province of Castellón, in the eastern part of Spain.

The exhibition includes a special portfolio featuring the esteemed artist Josep Vallribera. On display are several unique design items by Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi, as well as photographs of their projects. Welcome!

Time: 08.06.2024 – 08.09.2024
Place: ETH
Edicions H. Jenninger
Carrer del Moli, 14
E-12599 La Pobla de Benifassà
+34 618 530 321