Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition in Venice

Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition in Venice 7-20.Oct.2012, curated by Pekka

Harni and Yuka Takahashi.Welcome!

Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition is organised in Venice, Italy as a part of Alla Luce del Nord cultural collaboration event which collects together a group of Finnish opinion leaders, artists, dancers, musicians and architects. The event is during the Venice Architecture biennale and goes under the theme “Common ground”.The “Sustainable Design from Finland” is curated by Architect and Designer Professor Pekka Harni, and Industrial Designer Yuka Takahashi. Harni-Takahashi Ltd. is also responsible for the architectural design of the exhibition. Design Manager MA Ilona Törmikoski and Hahmo Design Ltd. are responsible visual identity of the Events.This exhibition is an event in the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012program. The 45 works at the exhibition represent the highest quality of Finnish sustainable design, ranging from jewellery to furniture and from bicycles to urban environmental design concepts.

We are proudly presenting:
Aalto & Aalto, Linda Berghroth, Sirpa Fourastié & Susan Elo, Johanna Gullichsen, Hahmo, Henri Halla-aho, Pekka Harni, Simo Heikkilä, Sanelma Hihnala, Jouko Järvisalo, Inka Kivalo, Seppo Koho, Harri Koskinen, Antti Kotilainen, Hannu Kähönen, Kristiina Lassus, Stefan Lindfors, Samuli Naamanka, Vuokko Nurmesniemi, Anniina Nurmi, Mikko Paakkanen, Pelago, Peruste, Ritva Puotila, Tuula Pöyhönen, Heikki Ruoho, Jukka Setälä, Ilkka Suppanen, Janna Syvänoja, Yuka Takahashi, Petri Vainio and Yrjö Wiherheimo.

Curators’ words:

This exhibition shows works, created by Finnish designers, presenting how sustainable design can be approached in many different ways.

Italian Nobel Prize writer Dario Fo has made a note in his writing about our modern society and the lack of organic way of life in it: There are too few people in our society, who can have a full understanding of the big scale processes, capabile to overview and controll the holistic approach, like a farmer, who is designing his tools, seeding… and harvesting and making bread from his own grain and enjoying the final result of his whole year-long work.

And finally, a farmer’s profession is very similar to a designer’s, and in the best case, it is an organic and sustainable process, lifting up the real quality of our life.

Even a humble man can figure out what is essential in this world. Much too often, we have forgotten what are the the most important things around us. Sustainable design, must be simple, real, essential, beautiful and joyful.


Yuka Takahashi

Pekka Harni

Exhibition: Sustainable Design from Finland

At: Spazio Punch, Giudecca 800/o, 30133 Venice, Italy

During: 7–20 October 2012



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