Perspective/ Hakaniemi Seafront ©Harni‑Takahashi ltd.

Hakaniemi Seafront

Architectural competition 2018
Hakaniemi, Helsinki

Architect SAFA: Pekka Harni
Visualization: Yuka Takahashi
Landscape design: Tristan Trefoil
#Hakaniemenrannan ja uudiskortteleiden ideakilpailu

The objective of the competition was to generate ideas for the public spaces and residential blocks within a competition area located in the Helsinki district of Kallio, Hakaniemi and Siltavuorensalmi, for the further development of the detailed plan. In the planning of the waterfront area, Hakaniemi’s central location as a public transport hub as well as the significant historical layeredness of the area were factors to be taken into consideration. The competitors were also asked to create for the area a new, uniquely attractive and urban shoreline accessible to everyone.