6th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2014

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi participates the 6th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2014.Pekka Harni presents a new simple lightweight stool and Yuka Takahashi presents a new NAULAKKO Wooden Coat Rack.Both works are utilising Pre-stressed wooden structure that enables minimal and optimal use of material. The production is also more ecological than laminating wood, or forming the wood by using steam and energy.The stool and coat rack are made out of all wood, collapsible with no metal parts. Welcome!


THE INTERNATIONAL EcoDesign 14 celebrates its 6th year in connection with the Habitare fair. This exhibition is curated by the Finnish architect Marco Casagrande. The theme this year is the Life Cycle. The designers in this invitational exhibition were free to design a piece of furniture or a utility object. The only restriction was that the maximum size should be one cubic meter.

Other important criteria were an ecological production method, choice of materials, packaging and logistics, usability, serviceability and recyclability.

EcoDesign is an invitational exhibition, in which we invite international top designers and young talents from Finland and from abroad. This year we received more than one hundred entries. of which 65 were chosen in the exhibition, based on how the above mentioned criteria were fulfilled.

Prominent supporters, curators and designers made this project possible and we will be showing more than 70 designs. One of the purposes of this exhibition is to strengthen the significant role of ecological design in the Finnish furniture industry.

It is a pleasure to see that ecological design has inspired so many designers, and delightfully many of them have participated in all our exhibitions. Several designers have taken the idea of life cycle as the basis in their products and really paused to think what it means, so that it is plausible to say: good design is long-living. I’d like to thank all the participants for making this project come true. Welcome to the EcoDesign 14 special exhibition!

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Jari Pirhonen Producer, Creative Manager Mainostoimisto Valo Oy



Time: 10–14 SEPTEMBER 2014

More info at… http://www.ecodesign.fi/

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