7th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2015

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi  are selected to show their ideas  in the 7th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2015. Pekka Harni presents a lightweight lounge chair made out of UPM-grada plywood and wool felt and Yuka Takahashi presents a new modular Garden lighting system made out of the brand-new material “translucent ceramic” from Shigaraki in Japan. Welcome!

Place: Helsinki Fair Center: Habitare Hall 7. 

Time: 9-13.09.2015

Ecodesign exhibition in 2015:

The participating designers chose the premise of their design from four thematic categories:

• An interior design product made of PEFC-certified wood and UPM Grada, a thermoformable wood material. The wood for the designs selected for the exhibition was provided by UPM

.• An outdoor light fitting for garden use, based on ecologically sound materials and energy-efficient LED technology.

• A planter for useful plants in a home garden, for placement indoors or outdoors, such as on the balcony, taking into account year-round use.

• A trolley for the sale of coffee and tea in offices and at exhibitions and trade fairs, and for use in pop-up activities, indoors or outdoors.

In addition to demonstrating high design quality, the designs were to address issues related to environmental friendliness in manufacturing; material choice; the manufacturing process; packaging and logistics; durability; maintainability; and recyclability. The designs were to take into account the entire life-cycle of the product.

The exhibition features a total of 30 designs.

More information: www.ecodesign.fi

Exhibition catalog: