ADB&B won the first prize in EcoDesign exhibition & selected as the most interesting product of the Habitare fair 2016



Yuka Takahashi‘s work ADB&B multifunctional furniture won the best award in EcoDesign exhibition in Habitare Design Fair! In addition, this furniture was selected as the Most Interesting Product of the Habitare fair by one of the most leading British design critic and author Alice Rawsthorn, the International Friend of Habitare, who writes in international NY Times and other magazines and books.

Here is Alice’s brief description about her choice:

– ADB+B multifunctional seating unit, designed by Yuka Takahashi
Yuka Takahashi’s multifunctional seat-cum-sofa-cum-bed-cum-bench is a great example of the versatile and adaptable furniture that is becoming increasingly popular. It is also relatively light and compact, and can therefore be moved easily from place to place. In short, it is a practical and appealing product for today.

more info:

Habitare press release of Alice Rawthorn’s choices

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(in Finnish)

facebook article :International friend of Habitare Alice Rawsthorn’s choices