Pecha Kucha Night at Tallinn Design Night Festival, Disainiöö 20.09.2019

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi presents at Pecha Kucha night in Tallinn Design Night Festival on 20th Sep 2019.


Time: 20.09.2019 16:00–17:30
Venue: Noblessneri Valukoda,  Lessneri saal
Entrance: 5 euros
Facebook page (speakers’ introductions):

Pecha Kucha Night is a specific presentation format (20 slides lasting for 20 seconds) from Tokyo architects during which creative people can bring new ideas and educational experiences to the public. The event, which started out as a small-scale format which helps to organize presentations so that content is not spilled, has become world-famous and new ideas, interesting opinions and a hefty dose of humour is always guaranteed. There are presentations by designers, architects and representatives of different spheres of life.