Astia-Utsuwa 展 / Yuka Takahashi

September 21- 24, 2005

Astia-Utsuwa -Finnish and Japanese dining experienceはタカハシ ユカの修士研究でありまたフィンランド人学生と日本人学生との協同デザインプロジェクトです。詳しくはプロジェクトホームページ(英語)> www.astia-utsuwa.infoExhibition “Astia-Utsuwa” by Yuka Takahashi and design team at cable factory in Helsinki Finland

During Helsinki Design Week 2005 Yuka Takahashi has showed her diploma work from University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH in the Design Partners 05 event at cable factory in Helsinki.
She organized cultural exchange design project with three Japanese and three Finnish students at UIAH. The teams of Finnish students and Japanese students created sets of artifacts relating to the dining environments of their reciprocal cultures. Yuka Takahashi created a set of artifacts as integrations of Japanese and Finnish cultures.
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