Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi’s works are selected to participate in the 11th EcoDesign exhibition at the Habitare Fair 2022. Pekka Harni presents the Salmontail Table and Bench, made out of Finnish oversized massive wood produced by Luottopuu Oy in collaboration with wood master Jari Manninen. Another work is the CUBO trolley wagon using Zero particleboard*. Yuka Takahashi presents U&A wooden stackable chair with a side tablet designed for remote work. It is an experimental work using Finnish heat-bending plywood UPM Grada invented by UPM

Our works are supported by

TAIKE The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Luottopuu Oy, Koskinen and UPM.

The 11th EcoDesign exhibition will feature new and unique designs based on ecological principles.
EcoDesign is an invitational exhibition, which consists of the views of distinguished design professionals and promising young designers, e.g. from remote work furniture, storage solutions for recyclable materials, multifunctional furniture, lighting, chairs, and the new use of the entirely wood-based particleboard. There are 34 works on display.

*For the first time, examples of the use of future fossil-free Zero particleboard, entirely wood-based particleboard for furniture and decoration, will be on display. The materials of the works in the exhibition are ethically produced, meeting the requirements of sustainable development in all respects.


Date: 7-11.09.2022

Place: Helsinki Fair Center: Habitare Hall 6 H 70.

Messukeskus: Messuaukio 1 Helsinki, 00520 Finland

more information at

EcoDesign: (in Finnish)


Seven Chairs exhibition presents Pekka Harni‘s sustainable design developments on the chair design.

The exhibition is a part of the main exhibition of the Helsinki Design Week 2020 ”Citius, altius, fortius” or ”Less is more” held at the newly renovated Helsinki Olympic Stadium.


Opening hours:
Sep 11, Fri 11:00-19:00
Sep 12, Sat 11:00-19:00
Sep 13, Sun 11:00-19:00

Olympiastadion, Paavo Nurmen Tie 1, Helsinki

Entrance Ticket:

General Info and Ticket (In English):

Read the introduction of the exhibition written by the curator Kari Korkman, the Director of the Helsinki Design Week!:

Participants list of the Studium Exhibition:


In Finnish (Suomeksi):

Näyttelyn tiedot ja lipunmyynti:

Stadionnäyttelyn osalistujat:



Seven Chairs exhibition has been added to the EXHIBITIONS category page of our website.

See more pictures of the exhibition from the link below.

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi participates Vieno- silent harmony, the summer exhibition at Vellikello gallery in Järvenpää.

The exhibition includes the works by 6 artists and designers who searches Finnish-Japanese aesthetical harmony through ceramics, wood, textile, and glass art.

Exhibition artists are Finland-based Japanese artists and  Finnish artists who have a strong connection to Japan.

The aesthetics of these two countries speak the same language: natural, and continuing the story until to the last detail. The shared vision of authenticity and honesty is also reflected in the history of Finland’s and Japan’s 100-year diplomatic relationship history. In the spirit of two parties who understand each other without words, the works of the Vieno exhibition passes on a quiet harmony.



Heini Riitahuhta
Marianne Huotari
Aoi Yoshizawa
Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo
Yuka Takahashi ja Pekka Harni


15.05 – 18.8.2019

Vellikelo kahvila taidegalleria

Sibeliuksenväylä 53
04400 Järvenpää

Open: Tue-Sun 12-18


Vellikello FB page

Vieno FB event page


Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi’s works are selected to participate in the 10th EcoDesign exhibition at the Habitare Fair 2018.
The EcoDesgin exhibition celebrates the 10th anniversary this year. The exhibition shows about 40 pieces of the selected works from past exhibitions since 2009.
Pekka Harni presents the PikkuTikku stool and Yuka Takahashi presents ADB&B the multifunctional furniture that won the EcoDesign Award in 2016.
PikkuTikku stool is a minimalistic stool made out of ash wood and it can be built up without any screw or tool.
ADB&B (Armchair, Divan, Bench & Bed) is a piece of furniture that can be transformed into three different shapes;
an armchair, a divan, a small extra bed/bench. They can be collapsed in a small package. Welcome!

More info:

Date: 12.-16.9.2018

Place: Helsinki Fair Center: Habitare Hall 7 H 160.

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi’s new wooden furniture series will be in preview in the Stockholm furniture fair by the Finnish furniture company VIVERO.


Stand number,  A22:10.

the world’s leading event for Scandinavian design, Feb 6-10, 2018!

Opening hours

Tuesday February 6, 09.00-18.00
Wednesday February 7, 09.00-18.00
Thursday February 8, 09.00-18.00
Friday February 9, 09.00-18.00

Saturday February 10, Open access/public day 10.00-17.00

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi’s works are selected to participate in the 9th EcoDesign Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2017.

This year’s exhibition theme was DIY assemblable furniture or object.

PikkuTikku stool is a minimalistic stool made out of ash wood and it can be built up without any screw or tool. Yuka’s rocking chair is small-scale rocking/chair fitting to a modern house. They can be collapsed in small packages.

About 100 applications, the jury group selected 35 works selected to be shown in the exhibition from Finnish and international designers.

More info:

Catalogue: issue EcoDesign 2017 catalogue

Date: 13.-17.09.2017

Place: Helsinki Fair Center: Habitare Hall 7.



Yuka Takahashi‘s work ADB&B multifunctional furniture won the best award in EcoDesign exhibition in Habitare Design Fair! In addition, this furniture was selected as the Most Interesting Product of the Habitare fair by one of the most leading British design critic and author Alice Rawsthorn, the International Friend of Habitare, who writes in international NY Times and other magazines and books.

Here is Alice’s brief description about her choice:

– ADB+B multifunctional seating unit, designed by Yuka Takahashi
Yuka Takahashi’s multifunctional seat-cum-sofa-cum-bed-cum-bench is a great example of the versatile and adaptable furniture that is becoming increasingly popular. It is also relatively light and compact, and can therefore be moved easily from place to place. In short, it is a practical and appealing product for today.

more info:

Habitare press release of Alice Rawthorn’s choices

(in English)

(in Finnish)

facebook article :International friend of Habitare Alice Rawsthorn’s choices


Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi  are selected to show their ideas  in the 8th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2016. Pekka Harni presents a compact sofa and Yuka Takahashi presents a multifunctional furniture system ADB&B Armchair Divan Bed and Bench. Both works are made out of Finnish birch wood and a few metal parts. They can be collapsed in small packages. Welcome!

Place: Helsinki Fair Center: Habitare Hall 7.

Time: 7-11.09.2016

Criteria of the Ecodesign exhibition in 2016:

The exhibition features a total of 30 designs.

Theme of the exhibtion

Interior product of which at least 3⁄4 is made of certified wood. Also the other materials used has to be certified and recyclable.

The basis for planning

In addition to cutting-edge design the basis for planning is as ecological production as possible: material choices, production process, packaging and logistics, use, durability and maintainability and recyclability – the whole life-cycle of the product is carefully taken into consideration.

More information:

Welcome to the exhibition Fire and Clay. The art of soft pottery in Oaxaca, Mexico!

This exhibition shows the authentic handi-craft ceramics from Oaxaca area of Mexico.

Harni-Takahashi Ltd. has been a coordinator and supporter of this exhibition bringing it from Mexico to Finland.

This exhibition also includes some of the six workshops we have been leading in Mexico in order to support the local artisans to learn and apply design methods to their production without breaking down their tradition, in other words, evolutional way. The workshops were taken place in 2008 and 2014, together with our friends Kythzia Barrera and Diego Mier y Terán/ Innovando la tradición.

Free entry!



Gallery Arabia: Fire and Clay The art of soft pottery in Oaxaca, Mexico

30 Oct 2015- 22 Jan 2016

The exhibition consists of two sections. Fire and Clay. The art of soft pottery in Oaxaca, Mexico and Atzompa 3500+. Object time-line. The exhibition is a part of the Mexican Cultural Month in Finland.

Fire and Clay is composed of traditional indigenous pottery from over 60 pottery villages, the fruit of 20 years of exploration in rural Oaxaca in Mexico.

In an unbroken lineage over the last four millennia, potters in the villages of Southern Mexico have created functional pottery with only clay, water, fire, and their skilled hands.

Fire and Clay is composed of pottery from over 60 pottery villages, the fruit of 20 years of exploration in rural Oaxaca. It is the first of its kind, presented now so that we may open our eyes to the subtle, deep beauty of this rustic, sophisticated, complex and simple pottery.

Atzompa 3500+. Object time-line, shows the results of a series of experimental workshops in the village of Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca, Mexico.

The workshops took place from September 2013 to March 2014 in the village of Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca, organized by Innovando la Tradición a.c. Some of the workshops includes the Finnish Foreign Ministry’s contribution to their research and development activities and the result of the series of experimental workshops lead by Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi in collaboration with Innovando la Tradición a.c.

Innovando la Tradición a.c. is a Mexican NGO founded by Kythzia Barrera and Diego Mier y Terán, a multidisciplinary non-profit and a creative platform where artisans, designers and artists share skills, knowledge and stories to rethink and honour the ceramic traditions of Oaxaca. They offer services for potters and pottery communities in Oaxaca to support the resilience of their trade.

Address: Gallery Arabia
Hämeentie 135, 9th Floor, 00560 Helsinki

(Please use a lift going up to 9th floor, next to the Arabia Factory outlet shop.)


Contact information
tel. +358 20 439 5357

Opening hours: 30 Oct 2015- 22 Jan 2016

Wed–Fri 12am–6pm
Sat–Sun 10am–4pm
Mon, Tue, Closed  

also see:

Design museum, Arabia Gallery


Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi  are selected to show their ideas  in the 7th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2015. Pekka Harni presents a lightweight lounge chair made out of UPM-grada plywood and wool felt and Yuka Takahashi presents a new modular Garden lighting system made out of the brand-new material “translucent ceramic” from Shigaraki in Japan. Welcome!

Place: Helsinki Fair Center: Habitare Hall 7. 

Time: 9-13.09.2015

Ecodesign exhibition in 2015:

The participating designers chose the premise of their design from four thematic categories:

• An interior design product made of PEFC-certified wood and UPM Grada, a thermoformable wood material. The wood for the designs selected for the exhibition was provided by UPM

.• An outdoor light fitting for garden use, based on ecologically sound materials and energy-efficient LED technology.

• A planter for useful plants in a home garden, for placement indoors or outdoors, such as on the balcony, taking into account year-round use.

• A trolley for the sale of coffee and tea in offices and at exhibitions and trade fairs, and for use in pop-up activities, indoors or outdoors.

In addition to demonstrating high design quality, the designs were to address issues related to environmental friendliness in manufacturing; material choice; the manufacturing process; packaging and logistics; durability; maintainability; and recyclability. The designs were to take into account the entire life-cycle of the product.

The exhibition features a total of 30 designs.

More information:

Exhibition catalog:

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi participates the 6th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2014.Pekka Harni presents a new simple lightweight stool and Yuka Takahashi presents a new NAULAKKO Wooden Coat Rack.Both works are utilising Pre-stressed wooden structure that enables minimal and optimal use of material. The production is also more ecological than laminating wood, or forming the wood by using steam and energy.The stool and coat rack are made out of all wood, collapsible with no metal parts. Welcome!


THE INTERNATIONAL EcoDesign 14 celebrates its 6th year in connection with the Habitare fair. This exhibition is curated by the Finnish architect Marco Casagrande. The theme this year is the Life Cycle. The designers in this invitational exhibition were free to design a piece of furniture or a utility object. The only restriction was that the maximum size should be one cubic meter.

Other important criteria were an ecological production method, choice of materials, packaging and logistics, usability, serviceability and recyclability.

EcoDesign is an invitational exhibition, in which we invite international top designers and young talents from Finland and from abroad. This year we received more than one hundred entries. of which 65 were chosen in the exhibition, based on how the above mentioned criteria were fulfilled.

Prominent supporters, curators and designers made this project possible and we will be showing more than 70 designs. One of the purposes of this exhibition is to strengthen the significant role of ecological design in the Finnish furniture industry.

It is a pleasure to see that ecological design has inspired so many designers, and delightfully many of them have participated in all our exhibitions. Several designers have taken the idea of life cycle as the basis in their products and really paused to think what it means, so that it is plausible to say: good design is long-living. I’d like to thank all the participants for making this project come true. Welcome to the EcoDesign 14 special exhibition!

edited introduction from

Jari Pirhonen Producer, Creative Manager Mainostoimisto Valo Oy



Time: 10–14 SEPTEMBER 2014

More info at…

The exhibition catalogue at…


Yuka Takahashi presents her Triwood Lamp in the EcoDesign exhibition in La Triennale during Milan Design week 8-13 April 2014.

Habitare design fair’s special exhibition, the international EcoDesign exhibition has been organized five times in Helsinki in the past five years. After several successful years of promoting ecologically sustainable design in Finland, the exhibition is setting a new course to Milan, during it’s annually held furniture fair. Ecodesign exhibition will be organized in La Triennale design museum. Seventy-five pieces will be selected from the previous EcoDesigns, added with ten completely new pieces made from GRADA plywood. The architecture of Milan’s EcoDesign exhibition by Aalto Universty’s department of furniture and spatial design. Other partners are Finnish Ministry of Education And Culture, Messukeskus and WWF Finland. The producer and organizer of the EcoDesign exhibition is Mainostoimisto Valo Oy.The EcoDesign Exhibition is open between 8–13th April at 10.30–22.00.

La Triennale di Milano
Curva A1 Viale Alemagna 6, 20121

MilanoTriennale Design Week Facebook site:


ENDURING BEAUTY Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia, 26.Sep.-06.Oct.2013, organized by PekkaHarni and Yuka Takahashi in collaboration with Laila Alanen Design Forum Finland.Welcome!

The ENDURING BEAUTY – Sustainable design from Finland exhibition is an event in Tallinn Design Night Festival  events. The works at the exhibition represent the highest quality of Finnish sustainable design, ranging from jewellery to furniture and from bicycles to urban environmental design concepts.

For more detailed exhibition concept, please see enduring-beauty.infoCONCEPT” page.

The joint opening of exhibitions in the Design Elevator section at 26 Sep 2013 at 16.30. Welcome!

We are proudly presenting::

Aalto & Aalto, Linda Bergroth, Susan Elo, Johanna Gullichsen, Hahmo / Ilona Törmikoski, Henri Halla-aho, Pekka Harni, Simo Heikkilä, Sanelma Hihnala, Jouko Järvisalo, Inka Kivalo, Seppo Koho, Harri Koskinen, Hannu Kähönen, Stefan Lindfors, Samuli Naamanka, Vuokko Nurmesniemi, Anniina Nurmi, Mikko Paakkanen, Pelago, Peruste, Ritva Puotila, Inni Pärnänen,Tuula Pöyhönen, Heikki Ruoho, Janna Syvänoja, Yuka Takahashi, Julie Tolvanen, Petri Vainio and Yrjö Wiherheimo.

This exhibition is organized by Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi, Harni-Takahashi Ltd. in collaboration with Laila Alanen Design Forum Finland.

Exhibition: ENDURING BEAUTY – Sustainable Design from Finland

At: Rotermann quarter, Rotermann 4, Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Design Night Festival, DisainiööDESIGN ELEVATOR section.

During: 26.SEP.– 06. October 2013

More info:

Design Night Festival link :

Press release in Finnish (lehdistötiedote suomeksi) :


Harni- Takahashi Ltd.

+358 40 777 4528

Pekka Harni participates the 5th international EcoDesign Special Exhibition at Habitare Fair 2013.Pekka Harni presents a new simple lightweight chair with a backrest.Pre-stressed wooden structure enables minimal and optimal use of material. The production is also more ecological than laminating wood, or forming the wood by using steam and energy. The chair is made out of all wood, no metal parts.

The fifth international EcoDesign special exhibition will be held this autumn in conjunction with the Habitare fair at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, from 18 to 22 September 2013.The Japanese industrial designer Toshiyuki Kita has been invited to be the exhibition’s curator and chair of the jury.

This year, as last year, the theme of the exhibition will be wood as a material. The designers’ brief is to create and present wooden pieces of furniture and interior design articles, or new, insightful and necessary commercial wood-based solutions. The entries must be made from 80% wood and 20% some other environmentally friendly material


More info at…


Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi touring exhibition goes to Asiya city located in Kansai area in Japan. This exhibition was originally held in DESIGNMUSEO Helsinki in 2010 and transferred to Case gallery in Tokyo 2012, finally, goes to Haz gallery in Ashiya city. This exhibition shows their design works such as tableware, furniture, textiles as well as art pieces.
PEKKA HARNI & YUKA TAKAHASHI – DESIGN FROM FINLAND2013.1.15(tue)-1.27(sun), 11:00-18:00
※Opening reception:1.14(mon), 16.00-18.00
CLOSED 1.21(mon)HAZ Gallery 2F.Location:
Higashi Ashiya cho 3-7, Ashiya City, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: 0797-38-8411

Supported by:
The National Council for Design
Case Inc.

Assisted by:
ARABIA, Finland
HJJC co., Ltd.

Harni-Takahashi Ltd.
T. +358 40 732 1955

An article about the Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition in Venice is introduced in Italian based international design and architecture magazine Ottagono.

Ottagono issue no. 256 December-January 2013


Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition in Venice held at Spazio Punch now goes to Design Forum Finland in Helsinki! Welcome!


Sustainable Design from Finland
5.1.2013 – 2.2.2013
Design Forum Finland, Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki

Mon–Fri 11–19, Sat 11–18. Exhibition info tel: (09) 6220 8132
Free entrance

In the exhibition ecological design is divided into five categories: ecological materials and structures, sustainable production, functional modification, design for sustainable society, and sustainable beauty aesthetics. The consept of the exhibition is characterized in the five categories of the sustainable design: material and construction, way of production, transformable multifuntionatily, design for sustainable society, sustainible beautiness. The exhibition is curated by architect and designer, professor Pekka Harni and industrial designer Yuka Takahashi.

more info:

Harni-Takahashi Ltd.,

Design Forum Finalnd

PRESS RELEASE (in Finnish):



Pekka Harni’s Object Categories are presented in THE HOME -A Space and a State of mind exhibition at Designmuseo. Welcome!

A Space and a State of mind //

12 October 2012 – 13 January 2013 @ Design Museum

The Home – A Space and State of Mind is a multifaceted exhibition and the high point of Design Museum autumn season during World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. It addresses the relationship of modern-day people with the home from different perspectives, both conceptually and with concrete examples, and the various manifestations and meanings that this familiar environment can have. The exhibition also considers the evolution of the home in retrospect, from the present day back to the 19th century. Produced by Design Museum, the exhibition is curated by the museum’s Chief Curator Suvi Saloniemi and the exhibition architecture is by Harri Kivilinna. The visual design is by graphic designer Laura Väinölä.

The Home – A Place and a State of Mind features objects, works and projects by, among others, Alex Delany, from Habbo Hotel. Pekka Harni, Kaarle Hurtig, Kaksi Två, Jeremy Leslie, Elodie Pong, Panu Puolakka, Bita Razavi, Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois, Nene Tsuboi & Tuomas Toivonen, Emilia Ukkonen, Juha van Ingen and Timo Wright. The exhibition includes a large series of events produced by the Design Museum.

more info:

Design Museum

Korkeavuorenkatu 23
00130 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (09) 622 0540
Fax. +358 (09) 622 05455


Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition in Venice 7-20.Oct.2012, curated by Pekka

Harni and Yuka Takahashi.Welcome!

Sustainable Design from Finland exhibition is organised in Venice, Italy as a part of Alla Luce del Nord cultural collaboration event which collects together a group of Finnish opinion leaders, artists, dancers, musicians and architects. The event is during the Venice Architecture biennale and goes under the theme “Common ground”.The “Sustainable Design from Finland” is curated by Architect and Designer Professor Pekka Harni, and Industrial Designer Yuka Takahashi. Harni-Takahashi Ltd. is also responsible for the architectural design of the exhibition. Design Manager MA Ilona Törmikoski and Hahmo Design Ltd. are responsible visual identity of the Events.This exhibition is an event in the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012program. The 45 works at the exhibition represent the highest quality of Finnish sustainable design, ranging from jewellery to furniture and from bicycles to urban environmental design concepts.

We are proudly presenting:
Aalto & Aalto, Linda Berghroth, Sirpa Fourastié & Susan Elo, Johanna Gullichsen, Hahmo, Henri Halla-aho, Pekka Harni, Simo Heikkilä, Sanelma Hihnala, Jouko Järvisalo, Inka Kivalo, Seppo Koho, Harri Koskinen, Antti Kotilainen, Hannu Kähönen, Kristiina Lassus, Stefan Lindfors, Samuli Naamanka, Vuokko Nurmesniemi, Anniina Nurmi, Mikko Paakkanen, Pelago, Peruste, Ritva Puotila, Tuula Pöyhönen, Heikki Ruoho, Jukka Setälä, Ilkka Suppanen, Janna Syvänoja, Yuka Takahashi, Petri Vainio and Yrjö Wiherheimo.

Curators’ words:

This exhibition shows works, created by Finnish designers, presenting how sustainable design can be approached in many different ways.

Italian Nobel Prize writer Dario Fo has made a note in his writing about our modern society and the lack of organic way of life in it: There are too few people in our society, who can have a full understanding of the big scale processes, capabile to overview and controll the holistic approach, like a farmer, who is designing his tools, seeding… and harvesting and making bread from his own grain and enjoying the final result of his whole year-long work.

And finally, a farmer’s profession is very similar to a designer’s, and in the best case, it is an organic and sustainable process, lifting up the real quality of our life.

Even a humble man can figure out what is essential in this world. Much too often, we have forgotten what are the the most important things around us. Sustainable design, must be simple, real, essential, beautiful and joyful.


Yuka Takahashi

Pekka Harni

Exhibition: Sustainable Design from Finland

At: Spazio Punch, Giudecca 800/o, 30133 Venice, Italy

During: 7–20 October 2012



Harni- Takahashi Ltd.

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi participate the international EcoDesign Special Exhibition 2012 at Habitare the biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland.

Pekka presents “Multimodulis” furniture system made of wooden beam elements which can be used to construct all the products belonging in the series. Yuka shows “Jalkalamppu” floor lamp made of very light wooden construction together with rotten fabric and LEDs.

EcoDesign Special Exhibition is set to present unique and ecological products made of wood. The EcoDesign products has to be made of at least 80 percent certified wood, and 20 percent of some other designer´s self chosen ecological material. Renowned Finnish designer Kristiina Lassushas been invited to be the curator of the exhibition. This year is special for EcoDesign as Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012 and Habitare Fair is part of the official program.


Yuka Takahashi‘s experimental study work “NEST” wooden bowl is presented in TOUCH WOOD! exhibition in Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä, Finland.

The bold and open-minded experimental wood designs of the Wood Studio will occupy the gallery of the Alvar Aalto Museum from 12 August onwards. The Wood Studio is a course run by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, in which students explore all opportunities in experimenting with the many aspects of Finnish wood.The exhibition to open in the gallery at the Alvar Aalto Museum will offer a selection of the Wood Studio projects from the time of its establishment to the present. During its 12 years of operation, the Wood Studio collections have amassed a sizable number of experimental wood designs: objects, light fittings, furniture, and elements for interiors. This exciting and pioneering exhibition will allow visitors to take a peek into these archives.


Time and Place12.8.-14.10.2012

Alvar Aalto Museum / Gallery

Alvar Aallon katu 7, Jyväskylä

open Tue-Sun 11-18

More information:

Alvar Aalto Museum


Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi exhibition held at Designmuseo last autumn goes to Tokyo.


opening time:
※OPENING PARTY:3.9(fri),18:30-21:30

OYAMACHO 18-23  (+case gallery)
Court Annex Oyamacho 1st floor,
18-23 Oyama-cho, Shibuya-ku
151-0065 Tokio, Japan
tel:+81 (0)3-5452-3171

Presented by: Case Inc.

Sponsored by:

Further information:
Case inc.
Mr.Yukawa / Mr.Sakamoto
Tel: 03-5452-3171
Fax: 03-5452-3173



muotoilijat ’11 – Finnish Desginer Awards exhibition goes to Rovaniemi, Finland19.11.-14.2.2011The exhibition includes Pekka Harni, the industrial designer of the year 2011.Exhibition design by Harni-Takahashi ltd.Welcome!

Taidelainaamo Napa, Kauppakeskus Revontuli
Koskikatu 27 Rovaniemi

ma- pe klo 12-18, la 12-16

further information:

Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo:
Petra Ilonen, Producer, Secretariat / Design, petra.ilonen(at)
tel +358 9 687 77 422, +358 46 8782 572

More about mutoilijat ’11 Finnish Desginer Awards, please see the previous post at :


Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi participates LOVE CHAIR COLLECTION with HIRAMEKI Design × Finland exhibition taken place during Isetan design week at the Isetan Shinjuku department store in Tokyo, Japan.The LOVE CHAIR COLLECTION with HIRAMEKI Design × Finlandconsists of one hundred customized AND chairs, manufactured by the Finnish furniture company Arvo Piiroinen Oy. 24 Finnish designers, together with Japanese designers, created special graphics and patterns according to the theme “Love Communication”. These are unique chairs at special prices.26.10 – 08.11.2011

ISETAN LIVING (Isetan Shinjuku 5th Floor)


muotoilijat ’11 / Finska formgivare ’11 Finnish Designer Awards exhibition goes to the Finnish Institute in Stockholm.Exhibition design by Harni-Takahashi ltd.Welcome!5.10–3.11.2011Finlandsinstitutet

Mån-fre 9-17
Besök: Snickarbacken 2-4 (vid Birger Jarlsgatan 35)
Post: Box 1355, S-111 83 STOCKHOLM
Tel: 08-545 212 00
Fax: 08-545 212 10

further information:

Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo:
Petra Ilonen, Producer, Secretariat / Design, petra.ilonen(at)
tel +358 9 687 77 422, +358 46 8782 572

More about mutoilijat ’11 Finnish Designer Awards, please see the former post at :

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi will participate in the EcoDesign Special Exhibition 2011 at Habitare the biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland.

Pekka will present “PIKKU PUUJAKKARA” – wooden stool as a new ecological product solution and Yuka will show “Y+” (Ypsilon plus) coat stand as an experimental prototype from her multifunctional furniture concept.

The 3rd international EcoDesign Special Exhibition, MultiFunction as the theme, will be held in conjunction with Habitare Fair at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre on 14-18th September 2011. The exhibition is set to present ecological and MultiFunctional products.

German Industrial Designer Konstantin Grcic has been invited as Guest of Honour. Advertising Agency Valo and Konstantin Grcic will invite top-class international designers and young talents from Finland and abroad to take part in the EcoDesign Special Exhibition. The EcoDesign exhibition will feature approximately 80 ecological and multifunctional products.


Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi have a joint exhibition of their works including design products such as tableware, furniture, textiles as well as art pieces, experimental lighting installation, interior and architectural projects.


27.08 – 23.10.2011

Opening hours

Mon-Sun 11-18

Tuesday 11-20, Wednesday – Sunday 11-18, Mondays closed

DESIGNMUSEO – galleria
Korkeavuorenkatu 23, Helsinki
Tel. (09) 622 0540

Press release
English : Harni_Takahashi_Gallery_8_11.pdf
Finnish : Harni_Takahashi_26_8_tiedote.pdf
Swedish : Harni_Takahashi_pressmeddelande8_11


muotoilijat ’11 Finnish Desginer Awards exhibition goes to NorwayFinnish-Norwegian cultural institute, Oslo, Norway18.8.–18.9.2011Exhibition design by Harni-Takahashi ltd.



Kristian Augusts gate 5
0164, Oslo

Tlf: (+47) 22 47 76 80
Fax: (+47) 22 47 76 81

info (at)

ti – fre: 11 – 18,
lø: 12 – 16,
sø – ma: stengt.

further information:

Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo:
Petra Ilonen, Producer, Secretariat / Design, petra.ilonen(at)
tel +358 9 687 77 422, +358 46 8782 572

More about mutoilijat ’11 Finnish Desginer Awards, please see the previous article at :

Industrial designer of the year ’11 was awarded to Pekka Harni during the opening ceremony of the mutoilijat ’11 Finnish Desginer Awards exhibition at the Design Forum Finland on 13.01.2011.

The Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo have awarded their commendable members with professional recognition since 1981. The criteria for the presentation of awards include innovation, artistic quality, topicality, interest value or a long meritorious career.

The Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo was established in 1911. It has more than 1,700 members working in the fields of industrial design, interior architecture, fashion and textile design as well as crafts and applied arts. Finnish Designer Awards ’11 begins the celebration of Ornamo’s 100 years anniversary.

download the booklet here muotoilijat11_web.pdf

Ornamo’s award winners 2011:

Industrial Designer of the Year Pekka Harni

“What stands out in Pekka Harni’s work are the continuation of Kaj Franck’s ethical and moral design tradition and a marked support for sustainable development. Harni’s teaching and design work is profound and insightful. Honesty and open disclosure of one’s firm position form the essential part of Harni’s designer identity.” – the Association of Industrial designers Finland TKO

Fashion Designer of the Year Jasmiine Julin-Aro

Interior Architect of the Year Vertti Kivi

Artist of the Year Janna Syvänoja

Textile Artist of the Year Heli Tuori-Luutonen

Grafia’s award winner 2011:

Graphic Designer of the Year Agent Pekka

Muotoilijat ’11 – Finnish Designer Awards ’11 exhibition
14th january– 13th February 2011
Design Forum Finland
Erottajankatu 7 Helsinki Finland

touring exhibition:
Finnish-Norweigian cultural institute, Oslo, Norway 18.8.–18.9.2011
Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden 6.10.–3.11.2011

Exhibition design by Harni-Takahashi.


further information:

Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo:
Petra Ilonen, Producer, Secretariat / Design, petra.ilonen(at)
tel +358 9 687 77 422, +358 46 8782 572

Pekka Harni’s radio interview at yle radio. ( only in Finnsh)
Listen here:
Kultakuume: Vuoden muotoilijahuiput ( kesto 06.33 min. )

Pekka Harni participates Prototyp Köln exhibition. Welcome!

Prototyp Köln
26.11.–5.12. Iso Roba 4–6
auki arkisin 12–20, la 10 –18, su 12 –18.
Prototyp Köln on nuorten muotoilijoiden ja parin konkarin suunnittelemien prototyyppien myyntinäyttely. Se avaa näkemyksiä ja ajatuksia tulevasta muotoilusta. Esillä on uniikkeja valaisimia, tuoleja, pöytiä ja paljon muuta.
Lisätietoja osoitteesta

prototyp(at) ja Facebookissa.

Katso myös Lehdistömateriaali

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi speak at PechaKuca Night held as one part of Hirameki DesignXFinland events at the Living Design Center Ozone in Tokyo.
Ten presentations about “sustainability” will be given by designers.


Hannu Kähönen
Jalo Helsinki
Pekka Harni
Yuka Takahashi
Saana ja Olli


Date and Time: 02.11.2010, starting from 17:00

Location: Living Design Cener Ozone (Atrium 1F)
Shinjuku Park Tower, 3-7-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Presentation language: English
Registration at the information desk of HIRAMEKI at the Living Design Center Ozone.

Each presentation will last 6 minutes and 40 seconds. After each presentation, there will be roughly 3 minutes to ask questions. But the feedback and discussions will not be limited to those three minutes. During and after the presentations people in the audience are welcome to move around, talk to and discuss with each other and the presenters.

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi(Harni-Takahashi) exhibit their works at HIRAEKI DESIGN x FINLAND exhibition at the Living Design Center Ozone in Tokyo in Tokyo Designers Week 2010.

HIRAMEKI Design × Finland exhibition presents a representative group of today’s brightest designer names along with companies utilising design in a key way, curated by designers Harri Koskinen and Ilkka Suppanen.

HIRAMEKI is a moment of epiphany, a spark, inspiration. A broad overview of Finnish design offers a new perspective and an opportunity to exchange views and design together.

Hirameki Design x Finland is produced by Design Forum Finland in collaboration with the Living Design Center OZONE and Finnish Institute in Japan.

Opening Time: October 29 – November 7, 2010 10:30-19:00

Place: Living Design Center OZONE

Address: Shinjuku Park Tower, Nishi-Shinjuku 3-7-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Free entrance


Link >

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi show the presentation of their ceramic workshop at Suomi-Meksiko (Finland -Mexico)2010 Exhibition. The workshop was carried out in collaboration with Kyhtzia Barrera in Oaxaca province in Mexico in 2008 together with Oaxaca’s local ceramic artisans and Mexican designer/ceramic artists.

National Archives of Finland and the Embassy of Mexico present Suomi-Meksiko exhibition 2010. The exhibition captures the image of Finland and Mexico, the links between the late 1800s to the present day. The exhibition shows how Mexico has affected Finnish art, design, pop culture, sports and business life.

About 20 Finnish artists who have visited Oaxaca residence are also showing their artworks.

The exhibition is held for Mexican Independence 200-year anniversary and the Mexican Revolution, 100-years anniversary.

Place:  the National Archives / Kansallisarkisto
the main building lobby and exhibition hall (Rauhankatu 17)

Opening time: September 17 to December 23, 2010, Tuesday to Friday 11-17.

The exhibition’s admission is free. Welcome!
Guided tours and groups by appointment,  tel: (09) 228 521

for more information

Christina Forssell, the National Archives
(09) 228 52 312 050 324 5872
E-mail: firstname.lastname @

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi participate in the EcoDesign Special Exhibition 2011 at Habitare the biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland. We exhibit H-T lighting that is built by a flexible unit structure. It is possible to create a series of different sized lamps with the units. The lamp shades are made with a special technique developed and woven by Finnish textile artist Sirkka Paikkari.

The second international EcoDesign Special Exhibition is held in conjunction with Habitare fair at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre 1 – 5 September 2010, presented unique, ecological lights. World-renowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer from Germany was the curator of the exhibition.

Ingo Maurer and producer Valo invited top-class international designers and young talents from Finland and abroad to take part in the EcoDesign Special Exhibition. The exhibition features approximately 80 unique and ecological lights.


Pekka Harni participates as one of the selectors of the best Finnish wooden artefacts for The Best of Finnish Wood exhibition at the the Craft Museum of Finland.

The exhibition pieces are chosen by a group of around 40 people, all deeply rooted or firmly joint into the wood industry. They share their thoughts and experiences on what they believe are the best Finnish wood artefacts of all times, describe their relationship with Finnish forest and wood, and evaluate the future of the Finnish wood industry. The objects chosen for the exhibition have either personal significance to the panel members, or represent the outstanding form, functionality, sustainability or innovation of Finnish design. The exhibition uncovers Finnish wood, from the roots to the leaf tips. The display includes unique, handmade artefacts, mass-produced classics and tomorrow’s fresh favourites.

The Best of Finnish Wood exhibition is produced by the Craft Museum of Finland (Jyväskylä) and Lusto The Finnish Forest Museum (Punkaharju). The planning of the exhibition was supervised by an expert team, chaired by the interior designer, Professor Simo Heikkilä.

Exhibition at the Craft Museum of Finland
June 10 – December 5, 2010

and at Lusto The Finnish Forest Museum
February 1 – August 31, 2011.

Welcome !

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi’s works are selected to the STRAIGHTFORWARD New Finnish Design exhibition during the Meatpacking District Design Week in New York.



15-17 MAY. 2010


Chelsea Market
410 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
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AlessiAnne Kyyrö QuinnAnu PenttinenAri KanervaElizabeth SalonenHarri KoskinenIlkka SuppanenJalo HelsinkiJKMM ArchitectsJonas HakaniemiJukka KorpiheteKlaus AaltoKristiina LassusMarita HuurinainenMarko NenonenMikael SilvantoPASPASPekka HarniPentagon DesignPyry TamminenRenata JakowleffTapio AnttilaTeija LosoiTiina RipattiTimo NiskanenToni KauppilaTuula PöyhönenYuka Takahashi /


More details:


The STRAIGHTFORWARD New Finnish Design event presents innovative solutions to matters of everyday life by individual designers and design oriented companies during Meatpacking District Design ‘10. The event focuses on today’s interpretations of the traditional values that made Finnish Design world famous sixty years ago. It consists of an exhibition, a lounge area, a pop-up store, and a website. The theme of the event is further explored in a documentary film screened in the lounge and in a series of side events.

The exhibition features furniture and product design while the pop-up store offers a wider selection of smaller design objects from glassware to fashion and jewelry. Straightforward showcases young designers side by side with more established designers and design oriented companies.

STRAIGHTFORWARD is part of an ongoing series presenting new Finnish design in North America. The previous New Finnish Design events VALVOMO, HARDCORE and PLAYFUL did each attract over 5,000 visitors during the annual Meatpacking District Design Weeks in 2007-2009.

Pekka Harni has been invited to participate 4th Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art “Changing the world with a flower vase” The travelling exhibition starts from Madrid, Spain this week.


4th Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art

Changing the world with a flower vase
Travelling Exhibition

The Travelling Exhibition “Changing the world with a flower vase” presents the collection of ceramic vases produced by the 4th Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art starting in Albisola (Italy), an area with ancient ceramic traditions, and by internationally renowned artists and designers.

Artists and designers
Simone Berti, Alessandro Biamonti, Andrea Branzi, Linde Burkhardt, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Lorenzo Damiani, Paolo Deganello, Florence Doléac, Marco Ferreri, Alberto Garutti, Alexis Georgacopoulos, Martì Guixé, Pekka Harni, Corrado Levi, Hugo Meert, Alessandro Mendini, Donata Paruccini, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Adrien Rovero, Denis Santachiara, Paolo Ulian, Vedovamazzei, Alberto Viola, Luca Vitone

General and Artistic Management
Roberto Costantino

Art and Design Consultants

Alessandro Biamonti, François Burkhardt, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Beppe Finessi, Chantal Prod’Hom

Exhibition Layout
Rent an Idea

After its inauguration at the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid (21 January – 22 March 2010), the travelling exhibition of the 4th Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art will be hosted by the Pier Luigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation – City of Camogli – Genoa (10 July – 7 November 2010) and then by the mudac – Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts in Lausanne (June – September 2011).

Albisola, a town on the Ligurian Riviera with a centuries-old craftsman tradition, is known as a small European capital of ceramics thanks to the historical and successful interaction between local craftsmen and artists from the international cultural scene. It was in Albisola in the 20th century that many artists and designers, the likes of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Nicolaj Diulgheroff, Bruno Munari, Arturo Martini, Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Guy Debord, Asger Jorn, Pinot Gallizio and Wifredo Lam, delved into and created works using local ceramics.
The Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art was founded in the area of Alibsola with the aim of creating a future for artistic craftsmanship, incorporating and combining the intangible assets of design, contemporary art and digital craftsmanship with the material qualities of the earth.
To achieve this the 4th Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art promoted an edifying production network devoted to design and prototyping ceramic works, a project supported by artists and designers from the international cultural scene, ceramic craftsmen and hi-tech enterprises, critics and historians of design and contemporary art, in addition to local agencies, cultural institutions and European museums.

Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid
Palacio de Abrantes, Calle Mayor, 86 – 28013 Madrid
Tel. + 34 91 547 86 03
Fax: + 34 91 542 22 13
E-mail: iicmadrid@esteri.itTravelling Exhibition
4th Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art “Changing the world with a flower vase”
Press Conference
Thursday, 21 January, 12 noon Exhibition Vernissage
21 January 2010, 8 p.m.
Exhibition period
22 January – 22 March 2010Exhibition hours
Monday to Friday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.Produced by
Attese Edizioni, Savona Promoted by Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid Pier Luigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation – City of Camogli – Genoa

mudac – Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts in Lausanne
In collaboration with
Cittadellarte – Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation, Biella
Rent an Idea, Madrid
Media Partner
Experimenta, Madrid

Corraini Edizioni. Texts by: Alessandro Biamonti, Andrea Branzi, François Burkhardt, Roberto Costantino, Giuseppe Di Lella, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Beppe Finessi, Corrado Levi, Francesca Pasini, Luciano Pasquale, Chantal Prod’Hom

Technical Sponsor
UCIC – Unione Colori Industrie Chimiche, Asti; DSA–Faculty of Architecture, Genoa; Technimold Service, Genoa

Fondazione De Mari-Cassa di Risparmio di Savona, Unione Industriali della Provincia di Savona, Cassa di Risparmio di Savona, Liguria Region, Province of Savona, City of Albisola Superiore, City of Albissola Marina, A.S.P. Opere Sociali di N. S. di Misericordia

Press information and request for materials
Attese Edizioni, Via Barbiani 25/7 – 17100 Savona – Italy
e-mail: tel. +39 3356957199

Pekka Harni’s “tikas ja lankku – ecological furniture set” is presented in EcoDesign at Design Forum Finland. On show at Design Forum Finland will be a selection of Finnish products from the EcoDesign exhibition curated by Professor Yrjö Kukkapuro and originally displayed at the Habitare Fair in September. This exhibition at Design Forum presents innovative ecological chairs by 45 Finnish designers.

Opening hours:
MON–FRI 10–19
SAT 10–18
SUN 12–17


Erottajankatu 7
TEL +358 9 6220 810

Find out more at

Design Forum Finland >
EcoDesign09 >

Pekka Harni’s work “tikas ja lankku – ecological furniture set” will be presented in the main exhibition of the Finnish Design Month, Mes del Diseño Finlandés – FINLAND MES, in Madrid. The event is organized by the city of Madrid together with the Finnish Embassy and the Cultural Institute of Finland. The exhibition HELSINKI-MADRID FINDESIGN is held at the Matadero Design Center from the 3rd November 2009 to the 10th January 2010.


Matadero Madrid
Centro de Creación Contemporánea
Paseo de la Chopera 14
Madrid 28045

Pekka Harni will show his work at the international EcoDesign special exhibition
at the Glass Gallery in Habitare 09 fair .

EcoDesign exhibition will present the views of top designers on how ecological values can be taken into account at different stages in the life cycle of products, without compromising on aesthetics and ergonomics.

As many as 81 designers or designer teams from 16 different countries have registered to take part in the exhibition.

The EcoDesign Exhibition from the 9th to 13th of September 2009 in the Helsinki Convention & Exhibition Centre, Finland.

– – – –

Habitare is the biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland.

Opening hours:
Thu–Fri 10–11 September from 1pm to 7pm,
Sat–Sun 12–13 September from 10am to 6pm

Opening hours for industry professionals:
Wed 9 September from 9am to 7pm,
Thu–Fri 10–11 September from 9am to 1pm

EcoDesign 09 >

Habitare 09 >

Pekka Harni has been invited to participate in the SUGOROKU project (curated by the artist Catherine BEAUGRAND).

This interactive game will be presented at the 2008 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial in France


Date: 15 – 30 November. 2008

More Information:

Pekka Harni’s textile design “SOLU” and Yuka Takahashi’s “MOON tableware set” will be exhibited in the exhibition “FLIGHT NUMBER 10” at the BIENNALE INTERNATIONALE DESIGN 2008 SAINT-ÉTIENNE in France.


…Flight number 10… will open with an exhibition celebrating the 10 years of the existence of the International Design Biennial of Saint-Etienne.
Flight number 10 will show projects and works realised by designers to the development of societies, their uses and their everyday practices.

Date: 15 – 30 November. 2008

More Information:

Pekka Harni’s papercraft art, using the local material of Yamaguchi, is presented in the Patina exhibition among Finnish and Japanese designers in Kyoto, Japan. Welcome!
Invited designers from Finland:
Ritva Puotila, Hannu Kähöen, Tapani Aartomaa, Pekka Harni, Eeva Wornell, Gary Wornell, Sonny Nakai, Timo Ripatti

from Japan:
Fumitaka Io, Shusuke Kaneuji, Yusuke Tsuji, Kazuaki Hirakawa, Kengo Mizouchi, Noriaki Yamashita, Akiko Nakatani

Date: 13. – 18.5.2008
Open: 11:-17:00
SHIN-PUH-KAN 3F : Transgenre
Bano cho 586-2, Karasuma Anekoji-sagaru,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto
Metro: Karasuma Oike
Tel: +81 75 213 6688

Contact: Kyoto Saga University
Tsuji research studio : Tel +81 75 864 7844


About 160 selected works created by participants during the ceramic workshop in Oaxaca has been in the exhibition in Azompa and San Bartolo Coyotepec in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Date: 02. APR. 2008
Location: Santa Maria Azompa

Date: 18. May – 18. June. 2008
Independencia s/n, Centro, San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca.

Yuka Takahashi’s tableware design “MOON” set will be presented in the exhibition
“15 Horizons – New Japanese Design from Finland” in Kyoto and Tokyo, JAPAN!

Date: 25 – 30.MAR.2008
12:00 – 20:00 (last day 12:00 – 18:00)
Location: Gallery Maronie 5F
Shioyamachi, Shijyouagaru, Kawaramachi,
Nakakyouku, Kyoto 604-8027 Japan
TEL 075-221-0117

Date: 3 – 8.APR.2008.
10:30 – 19:00
Living Design Gallery
6F at Shinjyuku Park tower
3-7-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5322-6500

Pekka Harni’s textile design “SOLU” is presented in Marimekko Exhibition in the Franz Mayer Design Museum in Mexico City.
Date: FEB.6 – MAY.4. 2008
Location: Hidalgo 45. Centro Históico 06300, México D.F.
Link :

Pekka Harni’s paper craft art, using the local material of Yamaguchi, is presented in the Patina exhibition in Yamaguchi Japan. Welcome!
Invited designers from Finland:
Ritva Puotila, Hannu Kähönen, Tapani Aartomaa, Pekka Harni, Eeva Wornell, Gary Wornell, Sonny Nakai, Timo Ripatti
Designers from Japan:
Fumitaka Io, Shusuke Kaneuji, Yusuke Tsuji, Kazuaki Hirakawa, Kengo Mizouchi, Noriaki Yamashita, Akiko Nakatani

30.1. – 3.2.2008
Yamaguchi Shiminkaikan Exhibition Hall, Yamaguchi, JAPAN
Yamaguchi Prefectural University Io Research Studio, tel: +81 83-928-5491
= = The exhibition will continue to Osaka in coming spring. = =

Pekka Harni’s recent works will be exhibited at the craft museum of Finland among the other works created by central-Finnish designers and craftsmen. Welcome! Tervetuloa!
10.1 – 2.3.2008 open: Thu – Sun 11.00 – 18.00

> link
The Craft Museum of Finland – SUOMEN KÄSITYÖN MUSEO

5KULMAA matkaa Kuopioon. Arabian 5KULMAA-kokoelma suuntaa joulun alla kohti itää. Kokoelmaan voi tutustua Kuopion keskustassa sijaitsevan Carlsonin Arabia-osastolla 19.11. – 24.12.2007 järjestettävässä myyntinäyttelyssä.


Carlson Kuopio >

Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi gave a presentation at Pecha Kucha Night
organized at Designpartners07 during Helsinki Design Week.

Thank everyone who came to see our presentation!

> link
Helsinki Design Week :

Pecha Kucha Night/ Helsinki:

Pecha Kuch Night : Global:

Yuka Takahashi design “Moon” tableware set is now released as a part of “5KULMAA” limited edition from Arabia Finland.

The launching exhibition is held in the center of Helsinki, the place so called “5kulmaa”.
The gallery is located in Tarkk’ampujankatu 18.
Opening hours : Thursdays – Fridays 12:00-19:00 & Saturdays 10:00-15:00
Products are also available in Iittala shop located in north side of esplanadi street Pohjoisesplanadi 25.


——————————————- Excerpt from Arabia Finland 5KULMAA catalogue:

The 5KULMAA limited edition collection designed by five young artists is being made. The clay material has been used by each of them to its fullest potential.
They have looked into the possibilities and surprises it affords from their own unique perspectives and so continue Arabia’s long tradition of expertise in ceramic art.

The 5KULMAA collection is the work of the following young designers:


> link
ARABIA 5KULMAA homepage:

ARABIA Finland homepage:

Pekka Harni’s expressive, graphic Solu* presents a pattern world of up-to-date science-art. It is in its nature a logical and mathematical surface, of stylishly neutral colours, mild khaki-white & white, classic black & white, or dark blue & whte.

Solu collection includes not only fabric but also kitchen products such as plywood tray, place mat, pot holder, oven mitten and aplon as well as cushion cover.

> link

marimekko web site

As one of Professor. Othmar Barth’s students, Pekka Harni was invited to participate the exhibition presenting old study works and recent achievements.

Quotation from press release in German

Ausstellung: OTHMAR BARTH. Architekt und Lehrer Othmar Barth hat als Architekt und Professor in den 18 Jahren seiner Lehrtätigkeit an der Universität Innsbruck eine ganze Generation von jungen Studentinnen und Studenten maßgeblich geprägt. In Lehre und Forschung beschäftigte er sich ausführlich mit Lois Welzenbacher und trug maßgeblich zu dessen Wiederentdeckung bei. Die zweiteilige Ausstellung „OTHMAR BARTH. Architekt und Lehrer“ zeigt Studien von inzwischen international tätigen Barth-SchülerInnen sowie ausgewählte Architekturmodelle zu Bauten Lois Welzenbachers, die Othmar Barth und Friedrich Kurrent 1990 als Kuratoren der Ausstellung „Lois Welzenbacher 1889-1955. Architekturmodelle. Studienarbeiten der Universität Innsbruck und der TU München“ erarbeiteten.

Weitere Informationen zur Ausstellung auf:

December 30, 2006 Article about Yuka Takahashi & Pekka Harni’s work and the way of living now on Finnish interior magazine Kodin kuvalehti. Quotation from Vähän on paljon Yuka Takahashi ja Pekka Harni välttävät kaikin tavoin turhaa tavaraa, vaikka he suunnittelevat työkseen uusia esineitä. Pyrkimys olennaiseen näkyy kahden muotoilijan kodissa Helsingin Kruununhaassa.


September 27-30, 2006 Pekka Harni & Yuka Takahashi will show their recent works at the designpartners 06 during Helsinki Design Week . Welcome! Cable Factory Tel. (09) 4763 8300 Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki Wed-Sat 27.-30.9. Open for public : from Thu to Fri 13.00 – 19.00, Sat 11.00 – 18.00 With an invitation : from Wed to Fri 19.00 – 23.00 Tickets 5 €



Pekka Harni’s new ceramic tableware set NERO is now newly produced by ARABIA Finland. NERO is a new and extended series from former ABC. Two different size of square plates and new colors for the small square cups are the brand new products. Available in shops from 1st of September, 2006
> link

May 10 – 28, 2006 Yuka Takahashi participates Masters of Arts exhibition MoA2006 organaized by The University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH.

Yuka shows her part of Master degree diploma work Moon tableware and Step wooden table from Astia-Utsuwa project.

90 individuals from all of the University’s degree programmes have been selected to participate in this exhibition.


Opening time: May 10 – 28, 2006    10am-8pm
The University of Art and Design Helsinki,
Hämeentie 135C

May 10 – 28, 2006 Yuka Takahashi has made a tableset display for Arabia Finland factory shop by using their own products, Pekka Harni’s textile and ABC dinnerware in combination with several other Arabia/Iittala products. This show is relating to the Masters of Arts exhibition events MoA2006 . 7 selected students from MoA2006 decolated 6 unique tables.

Opening time: 10am-8pm
Arabia factory shop Hämeentie 135, Helsinki

May 04 – 05, 2006 Pekka Harni’s brand new plates and tableware Nero / ABC produced by Arabia / Iittala Oy Ab was selected to Finnish design 2006 exhibition in Interiore 2006 interior fair in Helsinki. The exhibition was organized by SPACES magazine.


Mar 17, 2006 – Jun 11, 2006 The Sámi Knife 7″ The touring exhibition is opened for the public at the Sámi Museum SIIDA in Inari in Finland on Friday, March 17, 2006.

Pekka Harni was invited as a lecturer as well as a participant of the workshop on the Sámi knife Leuku held in Outakoski, Utsjoki located in Lapland in August 2005. Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi created a new knife together during the Sámi Knife workshop along with other participants. The workshop was organized by Finnish interior designer Simo Heikkilä.

Further information> SIIDA: the Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre.
Press Release


22- 25.09.2005 KOTI -The Home Experience / interior design project by Yuka Takahashi and Pekka Harni in Helsinki Finland.

KOTI – The home experience is one of the events in Helsinki Design Week 2005 . A few designers have been chosen to carry out projects to individualize city homes.

Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi have made an interior design through a concept of Modern Scandinavian style spiced with Japanese cultural influence. The goal was to create a wholeness in interior design by complete applied art work …> read more


During Helsinki Design Week 2005 Yuka Takahashi has shown her diploma work from University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH in the Design Partners 05 event at cable factory in Helsinki. She organized a cultural exchange design project with three Japanese and three Finnish students at UIAH. The teams of Finnish students and Japanese students created sets of artefacts relating to the dining environments of their reciprocal cultures. Yuka Takahashi created a set of artefacts as integrations of Japanese and Finnish cultures.

>> more info

Pekka Harni has led the workshop Morphological transformations of local ceramic objects in the Master in Ceramic Design course at the Province of Savona (Ligurian Riviera) in Italy. It is coordinated by the F.Varaldo Professional Training Center in collaboration with attese biennale of ceramics in contemporary art Cultural Association and European Social Fund

>> more detail